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Steps to Owning your New Home

Keep track of the things you need to consider before you get the keys to your new home 

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We’ve created this checklist to help you keep track of things to consider before you get the keys to your new home.

Four weeks before settlement

  • Select your Solicitor/Conveyancer to arrange all your transfer documents and relevant property searches. They will also advise you on the terms and conditions of your contract
  • Arrange your deposit by contacting us to discuss your options
  • Take out building insurance by speaking with your dedicated SCCU Home Loan Specialist to ensure you are protected immediately
  • Organise building & pest inspections within the time frame noted on your contract
  • Take note of special conditions on your contract make sure all conditions are met in the required timeframe
  • Complete the First Home Owners Grant (if eligible). Your Home Loan Specialist will help you determine your eligibility
  • Investigate schools and childcare facilities and organise the transfer of school records
  • Notify your Landlord that you’re moving, if you’re renting.

Three weeks before settlement

  • Sign your mortgage documentation. Your Home Loan Specialist will contact you when they receive your documentation is ready to be signed
    You will need to engage your solicitor to witness the signing of your Mortgage documents. Your Home Loan Specialist can assist you with this
  • Change your bank account details with your employer/payroll office to ensure your pay/salary is deposited into your SCCU account
  • Switch all direct debits to your SCCU transaction account
  • Create a budget plan to help manage your repayments for your new home – your Home Loan Specialist can help you with this
  • Review your existing insurances (including home & contents, car) with your Home Loan Specialist to see if we can save you money
  • Get financial advice. Talk to your Home Loan Specialist about arranging an appointment with a financial planner to discuss your needs

Two weeks before settlement

  • Return your loan documents to SCCU
  • Arrange a removalist, or if you are doing this on your own, consider purchasing cartons and packaging materials. (Now is the time to call in favours from family & friends)
  • Arrange a cleaner and book carpet cleaning if required
  • Organise service connections including phone and internet, gas, electricity and other services at the new address
  • Set up a mail redirection with Australia Post and notify other organisations of your new address

One week before settlement

  • Confirm delivery details of any new furniture and appliances
  • Deposit any funds required in excess of the loan amount 1 week prior to settlement day

Settlement Day

  • Conduct a final inspection of your new home before settlement to ensure the home is in the same condition, or better than it was at your last inspection
  • Be available on settlement day to answer any last minute questions from your Solicitor, Conveyancer or SCCU
  • Celebrate your new home or investment!

Please note: This is a guide only, and requirements may vary from State to State. Your Solicitor or Conveyancer should also be consulted for any specific settlement requirements. Your Home Loan Specialist can assist you with any questions you have.


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