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Renovating Your Home

Thinking of a new look for your home or investment property?

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Have you been thinking about a new look for your home or investment property? Here’s a handy guide to help you get started.

Do some research

A good place to start when renovating is by doing some research. Assess your home – what are its good and bad points? Is the age of your house a factor? Do you think you’ll need the advice of an engineer or builder or a structural assessment? Make friends with Google - with the popularity of renovation shows such as The Block and House Rules the internet is a treasure trove of information for beginners.

Make a wish list

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to improve functionality by creating open plan living or adding a bedroom? Do you want to add value by updating the kitchen or bathroom? Now is also a good time to start thinking about big things like structural changes. You may also start developing mood boards with clippings from magazines and books or start using online visual discovery tool Pinterest to get to know your ‘style’.

Have a look at the Houzz Interior Design Ideas website and mobile app at

Building regulations

Before you move a brick or knock down a wall, contact your local council to make sure you aren’t contravening any building regulations. A small oversight at the outset can be an expensive mistake in the long term. You may also need to organise permits, these vary from state to state. Ask your builder or your local council for more information. Check out for information on building regulations and more.

Designers and Architects

Depending on the scale and cost of your renovation, the expertise of a designer, architect or draftsperson may be a worthwhile investment. When choosing an architect, designer or draftsperson try using your networks to get a recommendation or you can visit for handy tips on working with architects.

Choose a builder

It’s really important to work with a builder you trust. Get quotes, meet with them in person or get recommendations from your networks. You’ll also need to work out who you would like to manage your renovation. Do you want the builder to do it, would you consider hiring someone to do it or do you want to manage it yourself? Project managing your renovation will involve organising the tradies you will need to get your renovations done – plumbers, electricians and so on.

Pick your timing

A kitchen renovation in summer means you can comfortably cook your meals on the bbq while your kitchen is out of action. An outdoor renovation in winter may mean that you’ll be renovating right when the materials you need are on sale.

Finance your renovation

There are quite a few options for financing your renovation. You can consider a personal loan, top up on your mortgage or a line of credit. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation and how you structure your finances. We’re here to help you work through the options, so be sure to give us a call when the time comes to sort out funding improvements to your home.

Be the boss

Make sure you stay in charge of how your renovation is progressing. Renovations can be stressful so it is important to speak up from day one. If something is done and you’re not happy or things aren’t progressing as you like, speak up.

Have fun

Renovating your home can be big job, but it should also be fun. Playing around with layouts and styling options and enjoying adding value to one of your most valuable assets is all part of the experience.

Use our tips, do some research and plan ahead to make sure your renovation experience is a memorable one.


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