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Home Loan Application Checklist

A checklist of the things you'll need to complete your home loan application

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We’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure we’ve got all the information we need to assess your home loan application as quickly as possible.

Your Income


  • 1 current payslip showing your salary (before and after tax)
  • The latest 3 months of bank and loan statements confirming direct salary credits, Centrelink credits, child support and loan repayments
  • The latest 3 months of credit card statements

Self Employed

  • Previous 2 years of Personal/Business/Company Tax Returns, including Profit & Loss Balance Sheets and evidence of taxation being paid
  • Current year's BAS

Do you have any other income?

  • Rental income - a copy of your tenancy agreement or letter/statement from real estate agent confirming market rental
  • Centrelink - a copy of your current entitlement letter

Your Savings and Investments

  • Superannuation statements
  • Council rate notices - for properties you own
  • Documents detailing Share, Managed Funds or other investments
  • Life Insurance statement

A Few Final Things

  • A copy of your Drivers Licence, Passport and Medicare Card
  • Purchase contract
  • Evidence of all funds to complete your purchase (deposit and fees)
  • Builders contracts and council approved building plans - Please note we can only offer Owner Builder if you are a licensed builder


  • Current copy of your Home & Contents and Motor Vehicle insurance policies
  • Current copy of your Personal insurance policies (loan cover and mortgage repayment insurance)

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