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VISA Debit Card

Use your own money wherever you would use a credit card

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Spend you own money wherever you would normally use a credit card - online, overseas, in-store or ATMs.

  • Use money in your everyday account anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Withdraw money using ATMs or EFTPOS
  • Protection against loss from fraud with Verified by Visa
  • Pay for small purchases under $100 with Visa payWave

VISA Checkout is a secure way to conveniently pay online.

Speed through online checkouts by clicking the VISA Checkout button and sign in with your email address and password. Just confirm your payment preferences, click pay and you're done!

With VISA Checkout you can use your VISA Debit or any other major credit or debit card through a single service.

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Think your card may be lost or stolen? Call 1800 621 199 (Australia Only). Overseas? Find the number your should call here.

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Important Information

Payment products issued by Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd.

Any advice given is of a general nature only and is not based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation and needs. To decide if a product is right for you, please read carefully the Product Disclosure Documents.

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