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An overdraft can help manage your cash flow

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Our Business Overdraft can help you to manage your business cash flow and to cover any unforeseen expenses that deplete your working capital.
It has the flexibility to work the way you do. Provides added security (and peace of mind) that you can pay suppliers and wages when cash flow gets tight.

Our Rates

6.79% pa


15.00% pa




  • Establishment Fee - $699 or 0.25% of Loan Amount*
  • Annual Fee - $240

For a comprehensive list of fees and charges associated with our business loan products, take a look at our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

  • Expand your business by using ‘extra’ funds to tender for larger jobs
  • Negotiate better terms and discounts with suppliers using the overdraft for larger upfront payments
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Pay what you can, when you can - as long as the overdraft stays under the agreed limit.
  • No minimum or maximum amount (credit criteria apply)
  • Variable interest rate (fixed rate not available)
  • Easily manage and access your business overdraft via Online, Telephone, and via our ATM network. temporary overdraft facilities are also available to cover short-term cash flow shortages (subject to our approval)
  • Our Business Overdraft must be secured by residential, commercial or rural property.

How an Overdraft can help your business


An overdraft is a flexible drawdown facility that is convenient for capital purchases, business investment or for managing your cash flow and working capital. Interest is only charged on the funds you have accessed.


While an overdraft can help you to maintain your working capital or purchase new assets for your business, it is also important to keep control over what you are spending and how much credit you have accessed. An overdraft is an additional business debt and as such requires careful planning and budgeting to make sure things are balanced and your funds in and out are manageable.

Growth & Investment

By having pre-approved access to additional funds, purchases and investments that will contribute to the growth of your business can be made quickly without the need to apply for funds or wait for a decision from your financial institution.

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Important Information

Your actual interest rate may vary depending on the security offered, Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.

* The greater of the two is applicable.

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